Six Essential SMS Templates for your Customer Service Team

Customer service teams today receive an incredible amount of messages and need to respond to customers in a timely fashion. One method that customer service representatives can use to increase efficiency and keep customers happy is using SMS templates. Customer services can utilise their time by focusing on speaking with customers about important issues and using SMS templates for repeatable tasks.

Business texting platforms are able to personalise messages with custom fields, which allows representatives to send out mass texts that are personalised with fields such as the customers’ name.

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Here are six essential SMS templates that your customer service team can try out to improve their day-to-day efficiencies.

Order confirmation SMS template

When a customer places an order, ordinarily you will send an automated email to confirm the order. A short SMS message is another way of quickly confirming that their order has been received and is being processed, without them having to open up their mailbox. This sets the expectation for customers to receive further messaging regarding their order as it is prepared and shipped out.

Hi [First name], thanks for placing an order with [Company name], your order number is [XXXX]. This message confirms we’ve received your order and will be processing it shortly. You’ll receive another update when your item(s) is shipped. Reply with STOP to unsubscribe from SMS notifications.

Opt-in confirmation SMS template

When sending SMS messages, you need permission from the recipient to do so. If they have granted permission through an online from or another means, it’s best practise to confirm this via message.

Hi [First name] you’ve opted in to receive SMS updates from [Company name]. If you’d like to unsubscribe at any time please reply with STOP.

Shipping notification SMS template

When a customer orders something, they usually want to receive it as soon as possible. Give them updates on their purchase when it’s shipped and provide tracking information so they can check it at their convenience.

Hi [First name], your order [XXXX] has now been dispatched from our warehouse. You can expect to receive it in [Number] days. You can check the tracking of your delivery here [Tracking link].

Returns confirmation SMS template

If an e-commerce customer has sent back an item to be returning, they’re going to want assurance that it’s been received back and their refund is on its way. Send an SMS message for an instant notification that your customer will appreciate.

Hi [First name], we’re received your return for order number [XXXX] and will be processing your refund shortly. You can expect a refund to be issued to your bank account within [Number] working days.

Customer feedback SMS template

Receiving feedback from customers is incredibly valuable for all businesses. Giving them the opportunity to let you know what they’re happy with and what needs improving can be done through various methods. SMS messaging is a great method to use particularly if they’ve just had an experience with the company that they can feed back on.

Hi [First name], we at [Company name] value your feedback. Please can you let us know how we did today? Click the link below for a 2 minute survey about your experience speaking to our customer service team. [Link]

These are just a few examples of SMS templates that can not only help out your customer services team by automating some communications, but can also improve interactions with the brand. By offering short, fuss-free messages via SMS you can engage directly with customers and create a new medium for conversation.

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