How to use SMS Marketing to get more sales

If you aren’t already using SMS marketing for sales, you might be missing out. Bulk SMS is completely different to how it used to be. In the past, companies would often buy a list of mobile numbers and then spam them with messages. Nowadays, thankfully laws and regulations have meant that this approach for the most part has ceased. With the average open rate for text message marketing campaigns being 98%, it’s difficult to find another channel that can beat that.

If you want to understand how to use SMS to get more sales, read on for strategy ideas that are sure to be a success.

Sales notifications

An SMS message is a simple, effective way to let your customers know you’re running a sale and a great alternative to relying on email. Keep it simple, tell them what’s on sale in a few words and provide a call-to-action that takes them straight to the online sale. You could even make it exclusive and offer to give those opted in to SMS notifications access to the sale before the general public. This is a way of encouraging more customers and prospects to opt-in to text.

Create SMS-exclusive offers

SMS-exclusive offers are related to sales notifications. But they’re different in that the offer isn’t a general sale of items, it’s an exclusive offer. It means that only those with the SMS can receive the offer, for example, 20% off with an SMS-only code at checkout, or a free item when making a purchase using the link in the message. Practice using a sense of urgency to entice the receiver even more; make it clear that the offer is for a specific, short time period.

Send order shipping updates

Letting customers know that their order is on it’s way is a useful and highly relevant SMS message. It shows your customer that you value them by sending helpful details regarding their purchase. It may not be a direct sales play, but it certainly keeps your brand in good stead and they’ll remember it next time they’re thinking of ordering a product or service that you offer.

Ask customers to take a survey

Text is a great method for asking customers to take a quick survey. Keep it short and sweet with questions like, “How would you rate us from 0-5 for the service you recently received?”. Once a customer responds to the initial question, you can send automated messages that ask them a few more questions. You’ll be surprised at how efficient this method is for finding out what your customers think, which will inevitably lead to improvements and better sales.

Send reminders

Depending on the type of product or service you sell, sending reminders can be incredibly purposeful – not only for your customer, but for you as well. If customers don’t show for their appointment or slot it can mean a wasted effort and cost to your business. Reminders serve as an essential SMS messaging strategy. They’re instant and sent directly to mobile devices with less volume than alternatives like email. They’re hard for the receiver to miss.

SMS communication is a proven tool for engaging with your customers to increase sales. With this list of strategies you shouldn’t have any difficulty thinking of ideas, so get going and start SMS’ing.

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