How to promote a new product using email marketing

When you’re getting ready to launch a new product, email marketing is one method for promotion that should be in your product launch plan. Who’s a better audience than your email subscriber list containing people that have opted in to hear from you? To execute an engaging campaign that leads to conversion is going to take careful planning and creative thinking.

Read on for the ins and outs of promoting a new product using email marketing.

Plan, plan and plan!

You may have been developing, designing and creating the product for some time now, and then suddenly the launch creeps up and there’s a panic! Getting your ducks in order early is the key to success with any launch. There’ll be things that happen along the way that you can’t necessarily plan for, but your strategy and plan should be agreed and organised well in advance.

Get started with your favourite project management tool and share it with not only the marketing team, but sales and other stakeholders in the business. Keep everyone in the loop and encourage ideas to pour in. A publicised plan holds individuals accountable, keeping everyone on track moving towards the shared objective. Decide whether you want to use teaser emails to build anticipation before the launch or if you’d rather just make a big announcement when it when it’s ready.

Create personalised content

Just because you might be launching one product, you shouldn’t provide just one narrative to everyone. Segment your audience based on what matters to them and personalise the contents of your launch emails. This way, they’ll understand how this new product will help them with a specific problem according to their needs. If you feel like you don’t have enough information about your subscribers, you could run a survey prior to the launch to understand your customers more. Then tag the contacts in your email marketing software according to demographics and their interests.

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Explain the benefits and features clearly

When it comes to the launch email itself, keep it simple. Try not to bombard people but  include the main features and benefits of the new product. Do so in a visually appealing way that captures the audience’s attention and excites them. You’ll likely have a dedicated landing page for the product where the full description of the product will sit.

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Promote a special offer for subscribers only

Exclusive offers for subscribers always go down a treat. Make them feel special and encourage a sense of urgency around the offer so that they make the buying decision fast. Don’t discount too heavily, or it could give off the wrong impression about the new product! You could generate pre-order sales by offering this to subscribers before the official launch date.

Integrate email marketing with other channels

There are many other communications to consider to ensure your launch is as successful as it can possibly be. Create a buzz by showcasing the new product across all channels and increase brand awareness. Be consistent with the message and integrate channels, for example, include social media sharing links in your emails. Encourage your audience to partake in online conversations about the new product using a specific hashtag.

Provide a clear CTA

Depending on the type of email and whether it’s pre-launch of post-launch, think about the action you want the reader to take. It’s tempting to want the CTA to be to buy the product, but it’s not always the best option. Getting users to share content on social media or sign up to a pre-order list may be more valuable at the time. It’s about taking your customers on a journey so that when the time is right, they’ll feel confident about buying the new product.

After the launch of your new product, don’t let the communication stop. Share reviews from customers and keep on promoting it in newsletters and other types of email to keep up the momentum. The most important thing? Build the engagement plan early on in your strategic planning so that you give your new product the promotion it deserves.

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