7 Winning content ideas for email marketing newsletters

Email newsletters are a staple part of the content marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses who understand the benefits of having regular digital communication with their audience. The potential downside is that you need to continuously think of new content ideas for your newsletter that are fresh and interesting.

With this list we’ve compiled, you’ll no longer be stuck for newsletter ideas that your subscribers will love.

1. Timely content

Planning content that not only aligns with popular holidays and events across the year, but jumping on interesting events that have taken place out of the blue is a simple, impactful strategy. By talking about recent events and adding value to the news-worthy event helps your brand stay relevant.

2. Important company news

Share what’s been happening with your wider team and corporately to keep others in the loop about your interesting internal news. It could be that your CEO has written an important business update, or that you’re branching out to a new region. Show the receivers of your newsletter the human side to your company.

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3. Blog posts

Getting more views to your blog post can only be a good thing, right? Promote the latest blog post in your newsletter to generate views and inform the audience of the topics you’re writing about. Include a short, compelling summary of the blog or just the headline to pique the interest of your reader.

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4. Include video

Inserting video directly into your email and expecting it to play is a big ask – many email providers don’t currently allow for this. What you can do instead is include a still from the video with a play button on top and a click-through URL direct to your video content. Use whatever platform you prefer to host your video such as YouTube, Vimeo or your own website. If it’s a video platform like YouTube you can potentially generate new subscribers this way.

5. How-to-guides

How-to guides and other digestible product focused content are incredibly useful for those who are already customers or know about your products or services. Offering up this kind of information is a value-add for anyone who wants to utilise whatever they’re purchased. You could even ask for feedback on your product or service at the same time so you can understand more about your customers.

6. Event invitation

Who doesn’t like being invited to events? Email newsletters are perfect for including event information and a sign up link. Whilst you’ll likely still do separate email invitations, the newsletter provides an opportunity to bring up the event again to anyone who may have missed the separate invite. Provide the event date and time so that the reader has all of the details to hand before they decide to click through to the registration page.

7. Show off user-generated content

User-generated content shows others just how great you and your products are. It could be reviews from customers, video content or images that a customer has created using your product or service. Show everyone how many loyal fans you have and share inspiration for how they can use whatever you’re selling in their day-to-day lives. If you’re a B2B company, reviews through video can work just as well.

Newsletters are undoubtedly one of the top ways to communicate with your subscribed audience. Use these tips to share stories frequently and keep your audience engaged. Send your newsletter at a regular and specific frequency, such as monthly so that the audience comes to expect it and looks forward to hearing from you.

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